Square Billet

DaehanSteel strives to produce best quality products by using high quality materials.
A billet, a semi-product made through melting steel scrap, is utilized to manufacture a wide range of products after the processing process. In the furnace, the billets are reheated to up to 1,050 to 1,150 °C so that they become soft enough to be lengthened to the desired thickness and length. In the following rolling process, the billets extracted from the reheat furnace are passed through about 22 stands comprising of roughing stands, intermediate stands and finishing stands to form shapes of rebars. With a 6-meter billet, an up to 1.4-kilometer long, 10-milimeter wide rebar is manufactured. DaehanSteel established a hot charge line, reducing LNG costs and adopted a walking beam furnace in which the billets can be heated on four sides, leading to increasing efficiency.

Square Billet


□130X6 - 12M, □150X6 - 12M Shape
  • Shape : 130X6 - 12M, 150X6 - 12M
  • Certificate : KS D 3504, MS1494

Square Billet

Square Billet is a semi-processed product in preliminary state ready for making steel product.It can be transformed into various products after processing stage. DaehanSteel has been producing reinforcing bar through rolling mill procedure.
DaehanSteel established a hot charge line, reducing LNG costs and strives to produce best quality products.

Deformed Bar Deformed Bar
Processed Rebar Processed Rebar
Bar in Coil Bar in Coil