Q Recruitment How does the recruiting process of Daehansteel in details? A Recruiting process involves the resume screening, the Aptitude test, interviews with staff at working levels and executives
Q Rebars How are the terms of delivery and the transportation costs of government-supplied materials (rebars) determined? A The terms of delivery includes FOT at factory or at scrap yard. In the case of FOT at factory/scrap yard, the costs are paid by the other party of contract.

- On the basis of 「Act on Contracts to Which the State is a Party」, additional special conditions of goods purchase contract of Article 22 「Unit Contract」
Q Rebars How does the release confirmation of government-supplied materials (rebars) proceed? A All the administrative procedures required for inspection and checkup are performed by a client. Unless there is any special reason, the product release and receipt should be issued to the other party of contract within 5 days from the date of the receipt of the product. - On the basis of 「Act on Contracts to Which the State is a Party」, additional special conditions of goods purchase contract of Article 22 「Unit Contract」
※ Terminology
1) “Inspection" refers to that an inspection official checks whether the object of contract conforms to related laws and is manufactured and installed in accordance with purchase standards and specification.
2) “Checkup” refers to that a material accounting officer confirms that there are no damages to the object of contract that has passed the inspection or spoiled products, and that the desired amount of products prescribed in the contract or the product release document was delivered.
Q Rebars How can be the release date of government-supplied materials checked? And is it possible to receive them upon request? A FOT at factory will take 40 days and FOT at scrap yard 45 days from the date when the written "notification for quantity of demand according to release schedule" in relation to government-supplied rebars issued by a client is received by a supplier after the Public Procurement Service's request for release. Therefore, you should make an order or application, taking into account the schedule by type of the supplier's monthly production schedule. In case of emergency, however, schedules may be adjusted through prior consultation.
Q Rebars How can I ask for the release of government-supplied materials (rebars)? A Application by mail or fax can be made with the issuance/delegation of the "notification for quantity of demand according to release schedule" issued/commissioned by a client on the basis of the "request for partial release and notice" of the Public Procurement Service.
※ For registration, the contact phone number and name of a person in charge should be entered.
※ In case of an urgent demand like restoration of flood, a supplier in question should be notified in advance, and prior consultation should be addressed.
※ For inquiries (Phone): 051-220-3352 (Manufacturing factory), 051-220-3332 (Scrap yard)
For inquiries (Fax): 051-955-6023 (Manufacturing factory), 051-955-6025 (Scrap yard)
Q Rebars In what ways are freight charges decided? A The freight charges are divided on the basis of free on truck or arrival at destination upon contract awarding.
1) Free on truck (FOT): DaehanSteel pays the costs for loading products into vehicle.
2) Arrival at destination: The charges refer to the costs for transporting products to an unloading place by a 26-ton truck. It is paid by DaehanSteel.
In general contracts, FOT is adopted.
Q Rebars How does the order process for rebars work? A We receive an order via e-mail or fax, and after registration, you are able to use the e-business website.
※ You can order after checking stocks by phone and the production schedule table posted on the e-business
Q Rebars How can I start a purchase of rebars with DaehanSteel? A If you have some enquiries, please call us. You can consult with a person in charge of the Sales Department. You can also visit our head office or Seoul Office for consultation. A request for quotation including exports is available anytime.

※ A person in charge of sales
1) Sales of private-use rebars- Capital areas/Seoul and Incheon/Chungcheong areas: Kim Hyung-seob 02-2040-9701, hskim@idaehan.com
2) Sales of private-use rebars-Yeongnam and Honam areas: Bae Jin-ho 051-220-3351, jhbae@idaehan.com
3) Sales of private-use rebars- Jeju area : Lee Chul-gyu 02-2040-9721, cglee@idaehan.com
4) Sales of governement-use rebars: Seo Chang-hyun 051-220-3333, chseo@idaehan.com
Q Materials Details on payment for materials A A regular payment for materials is made on 26 every month. However, this can be applied differently depending on conditions of contracts.
Q Materials When do you deliver materials? A Scrap metal is delivered during the time from 07:30 to 17:00 in winter and from 07:00 to 17:00 in summer. Other materials except scrap are delivered during the time from 08:00 to 18:00.