OverviewFrameWorks is DaehanSteel’s solution brand designed to forecast and analyze clients’ conditions, provide optimized plans for construction materials, and supply and manage resources in a stable manner throughout construction period.


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At present, domestic construction sites have difficulty reducing costs, securing stably supplies of reinforcing bars, managing progress and materials. Existing small processing plants are going through many hardships such as losing or breaking inventories and unstable construction site management due to poor business conditions and facilities. The value of FrameWorks which pursues is to provide reliable products and services in consideration of various situations at sites and customer needs.
FrameWorks solution removes defects of existing steel companies and small processing plants and is connected to a processed reinforcing bar service based on steel companies. FrameWorks Solution deserves to be called “a premium steel solution” which maximizes strong points of steel companies and steel processing plants. FrameWorks Solution provides reliable solutions throughout the entire stage from receiving orders, production, processing to deliveries through logistics services.
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FrameWorks Organization

  1. 1 STEPForecast.Forecast.
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FrameWorks is DaehanSteel’s solution brand designed to forecast and analyze customers’ situations, provide an optimized plan for construction materials, and supply and manage resources in a stable manner throughout the construction period.

FrameWorks Organization


Brand Identity
A brand identity of FrameWorks embodies the shape of steel processing and also hot enthusiasm for iron. As the DaehanSteel’s solution brand, it keeps in line with the same style of the steelmaker’s English logo, indicating a strong tie with the corporate brand and expressing DaehanSteel’s pride and enthusiasm for steel and trust for customers. The space regulation is aimed to secure a minimum space to maintain readability and logo proportion when the signature of FrameWorks is utilized for outdoor advertising and printed materials.
Logotype and spatial regulation
SolutionFrameWorks manages the entire process ranging from clients’ ordering of construction materials and manufacturing of steel products to processing and delivery. FrameWorks forecasts clients’ conditions and provides tailor suited solutions.


Our technical Center comprised of specialists who have worked for construction companies is aimed to provide technical solutions on process discussion and construction management.
The development of its own shop drawing program could lead to flexibly responding to work processes on site through the optimized system. The value engineering services enable timely delivery of steel bars to our clients, helping them reduce costs and management expenses of steel bars without worry about inventory accumulation.
Shop Drawing Order To Delivery Monitoring
1Step Customer Situation Prediction / Analysis


DaehanSteel manages the entire process ranging from ordering of construction materials and manufacturing to processing and delivery and forecasts clients’ conditions. Based on this, its total solution minimizes losses of steel bars and reduces costs. DaehanSteel’s services reach to processing and construction management areas by designing shop drawings with cutting-edge facilities and programs and maximizing proccesability of steel based on research on shapes of ribs and construction methods.
Custom-Made Operation of Work Process The Optimum Shop Design
Rebar Coupler & Continuous Reinforcement Bar
2Step Plan Material Optimization


The personnel organization of DaehanSteel is based on on-site availability. Under the principle of 'One Site One Focal', one fully in charge is deployed to a construction site. Those in charge stay in sites or make frequent visits to identify the work progress in real time. SMG (Steel Manager Group) manages timely delivery of steel bars and when a problem occurs, it is addressed within 24 hours. Moreover, DaehanSteel operates a nationwide network whose annual capacity is 1.2 million tons to provide solution services in an efficient fashion.
Plant Partner for Each Site Shop in Shop Service
Steel Manager Group
3Step Stable Resource Supply / Management
Case StudyFrameWorks’ case studies, developed through well-organized research and management, show examples of customized services and efficient, stable deliveries of rebars.