Hanam Union square new construction development complex

Hanam Union square Hanam Union square
Hanam Union square, a project led by Shinsegae Engineering and Construction is the largest shopping complex with 130,000 square feet of total floor area and 17,000 square feet of building area.
Since this is a complex shopping mall, it was built with complicated processes. The need for factory processing and the company’s suggestion had been well harmonized.
The construction is still on-going at the distribution facility area located at District 2 of the project in Sinjang-dong, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do. It started on October 2013 and is planned to finish in the first half of 2016. By March, the upper board of underground sleeve will have completed already. The case is a process of maximizing FrameWorks solution in a shopping mall complex, although the project that has not been completed yet. Meanwhile, we will continue to monitor the construction and will do our best for the successful completion.

“The key on the site was an optimal matching of feasible resources in the past up to the present and then carrying it out. Beforehand, we needed to refer from the Ulsan Shinsegae’s Ipsquare shopping mall that was completed in September 2011. Also, we have systemized our initial response based on complex architecture (unifying control of S/D process) and organic response mobility on blue print changes, and made one suggestion by combining requests on the construction site.” Lee Dae-gi, Sales Team 1
Hanam Union square Hanam Union square
Suggestion on Factory Processing

The construction site at the time of the contract was a form of complex process style as the on-site processing was not available and there was a need for the factory processing. Our core solution offered, responding to factory processing needs from the client’s side, increased the trust and satisfaction. Under the contract, we are processing about 25,000 ton of all steels needed for the site.

Dispatching a field staff for stable work process and increased efficiency

Shop Drawing Engineer, responsible for the field, also takes charge in additional works besides shop drawing. Construction schedule management, simplifying shop drawing approval process, assisting steel examination in corporation with a framework company, thorough management is carried out via on-site customized suggestion.

“The construction site was very difficult due to unclear blueprint distribution from the original blueprint and rush construction work. Thus, from shop drawing perspective, the original blue print reviewing and schedule management was carried out so that construction work can be smoothly done through. When the shop drawing was made, depositing zone and structure blue print were also reviewed and production variability was also managed with monthly demand prediction and raw material management."(Han Seonhwa, Department manager at Technical Center)

Also, additional profit was created by taking care of malign stocks that comes from the field. When status of stock is shared on the field, steel bar arrangement drawing is examined so that connection sites and unneeded steels can be minimized. After processing, under the value engineering management including stock’s effective usage, loss also minimizes and this leads to cost saving for the client. The number of engineers on-site is adjusted under each different circumstances and can be applied by option. Not to mention responding to on-time delivery and quality issue at the time of process ordering, technical supports are also offered including blueprint reviewing accompanied during steel examination when on-site supervision is requested.
processing factory network processing factory network
The largest steel processing factory network

Via the largest steel processing network consisting of direct managed and outsourcing factories, stable steel supply is secured. Managers at each processing factory are separately managed. Essential items are checked in prior to designating a framework construction company so that the highest levels of outsourcing companies are selected.

Each construction area is classified and responding area for each section is matched so that stable and effective steel processing can be offered.
Not only responding to on-time delivery and quality issue at the time of process ordering, also technical supports are provided including blueprint reviewing accompanying steel examination when field supervision is requested.

“We are thoroughly managing delivery schedule by designating factories with monthly capacity of 5,000 ton for each section as the construction site itself gets 1,500 ton of steel every month. Even when there is urgent call for delivery, only 3 to 4 days are required to respond to this request leading to a shortened overall process time.” (Cho Seoungho manager, SMG)

Through FrameWorks solution, overall budget could be cut under a one-stop contract consisting of steel, processing and shop drawing while stable field management is also offered during the construction period. The site could be a good example showing that Daehan Steel’s FrameWorks solution can respond to every situation under any customer.