Hoban Construction is a comprehensive construction company focusing on house building and has continued to work in secured constructions. Most of the construction sites are with 100% of factory processing.

Hoban Construction and Daehan Steel have mutually helped each other in difficult situations in the past and have grown together. In accordance with this, we take charge for about 60% of steels needed for Hoban and are in a close relationship in many aspects not to mention the regular field visits and management. We regularly take part in Architecture Exhibition Event sponsored by Kwangju Broadcasting Company, which is acquired by Hoban and support for radio advertising for talent nurturing campaign to maintain our relationship.

There were no needs for factory processing from Hoban Construction's side at early stage, however, we first conducted factory processing for Block 18 of Incheon for the first time and this was to continue trying for factory processing. The person in charge of purchasing was satisfied with our total solution because of many benefits including convenient management, on time delivery, factory examination, presence of field staffs for shop drawing, and quality control.
For SMG and technical center management system, a prompt response is available when any problem occurs on field, and via active management, our processing system and shop drawing technique are acknowledged, leading to a closer relationship.

PC structure of HOBAN VERTIUM

PC structure, one of FrameWorks solution can be seen at the 2nd Hoban Vertium site. About 5,500 ton was delivered to the 1st Hoban Vertium site. The construction for the 2nd Vertium has begun in October 2014 and is scheduled to finish by April, 2017, with 6 buildings, 694 households with 29 stories and one underground floor.

Apartment buildings are RC structure and all of parking area with exceptions in some area, are PC structure. For PC materials, products manufactured from Hanseong PC factory are processed, delivered and assembled at the site by our staffs in the factory. There are time differences when making RC and PC. For existing RC, about 2 to 3 weeks are required from steel assembling, mold assembling and concrete pouring while only 2 to 3 days are needed for PC from beam, column and slave assembly to concrete pouring.
PC structure of HOBAN VERTIUM PC structure of HOBAN VERTIUM
Hoban AvenueFrance Gwanggyo Hoban AvenueFrance Gwanggyo
Premium Dining Street, Hoban AvenueFrance Gwanggyo

Hoban Construction has introduced a concept of 'Premium Dining Street' via AvenueFrance Pangyo, opened in 2013. The street has become a popular district until now, by offering differentiated design and engineering which only come from Hoban. Besides Pangyo, FrameWorks is also applied to 'AvenueFrance Gwangyo' and via our honest and accurate steel delivery, construction is completed under optimal construction period and field management.