Busan Yongho Bay Complex facility construction

W Aerial view W Aerial view
Residential Commercial complex W by IS Dongseo in Yongho Bay in Busan is a space with various cultural and wellness facility. A total of 4 buildings will be completed with 69 ground floors and 6 underground floors with 1488 households. The construction has begun in March 2015 and frame construction will be finished by March 2017.

Supply management and on time delivery via thorough field management

The site needed an overall process management including steel shop drawing, ordering, schedule management, original drawing check, and process ordering. From a technical point of view, there have been many bench markings from outside so that IS Dongseo would be able to thoroughly manage the supply and consumption of each steel size. The Complex W is the largest construction site of IS Dongseo and needs special attention.

Moreover, the site needed a large quantity of couplers of 29mm and 32mm with a steel grade of SD 600 so that supply and on time delivery would be specially taken care of.

The overall management of the construction process was done by Daehan Steel, wherein the service and supply check up was conducted everyday based on ordered Shop Drawing. With prior processing via Vietnam shop center, more accurate supply and on time delivery could be done here.

Couplers were separately manufactured and delivered, which are needed to connect between steels in such a site with high rise buildings. Originally 32mm SD 600 couplers were supposed to be used at the time of the contract, but as the construction started, there were needs for additional ordering for steel grade and sizes.

For 32mm couplers, there were some compatibility issues with internal facilities at the beginning, but they were soon resolved after collaboration with a manufacturing company.

Busan Yongho Bay W Busan Yongho Bay W
Coupler Coupler
Busan Yongho Bay W Busan Yongho Bay W
Increased work efficiency with effective standard making

Also, the major structure of the building was applied with the same principle but as there were some differences between different companies on frameworks and steels of 4 building, it affected work efficiency for the shop drawing task. Thus, to make one principle for the whole site, we have continuously discussed the matter with the people in charge on each of the 4 buildings. Also as the building is extremely high, the shop manager from our company, who has an experience for high rise buildings, together with the 4 staffs who stay at each area, works thoroughly on this situation.

Flat slab, one of the structural characteristics of the site, is an engineering technique that is used to reduce the floor height and conveys the floor load from slab to column. Floor height reduction means minimizing the needed height of column to secure the same ceiling height while reducing floor height. The method can be used within the relevant regulation while effectively increases the number of stories leading to cost saving and construction period reduction.

Many underground parking lots use such flat slab and flat plate structure, and in this case, careful management for the location and size of opening are required and even its size is small, the review on structure must come before installation.
W project of Yongho Bay, viewing Haeundae, is participated by many construction companies and professionals, playing a role of living place of construction and practice site. As the project is consisted of ultra high rise buildings, not only the technical improvement, but as well as revival of the local economy and job creation are followed as part of the project’s rippling effects. More than 80% of the construction work including framework, curtain wall, equipment and facility, electricity and fire fighting construction are done by companies in Busan area and the rest of construction are also planned to be taken by as many local companies as possible.
W project is with 100% of FrameWork solution and we will do our best for value creation that will completely satisfy the needs of clients.