Taeyoung E&C: Busan Ring Road Zone 11

Busan Ring Road Zone 11 Busan Ring Road Zone 11
About 7,000 tons of rebars were supplied to Busan Ring Road Zone 11, which is currently under construction. The 4.16-kilometer project includes the construction of 12 bridges.

Initially, the site had no need for a shop drawing. However, separate rebar orders for vertical members and rebar couplers raised costs. Furthermore, the ineffective operation of the processing plant increased the operational risks. By suggesting the same solution utilized in the Busan Ring Road Project Zone 12, which is currently being built by Kumho E&C, we applied Frameworks solution to increase efficiency in the construction site.

Busan Ring Road Zone 11 Busan Ring Road Zone 11
Shop drawing services offered by professionals

We sought successful initial delivery by deploying the shop drawing expert working for the same-type construction zone to the site, to introduce the designs which had satisfied the management standards of the Korea Expressway Corporation. We have also adopted a system designed to detect errors on the drawings in advance through our certified services for shop drawings specializing in civil engineering.

Coupler processing

When a separate order for rebar couplers was placed along with freight charges from a processing plant to a coupler plant, prices for the second processing and transport charges increased leading to an increase in the production costs. However, we suggested a turn-key system, cutting down on costs that could additionally occur in the construction site.

Coordination in the Processing Plant for optimization in the construction site

We faced problems in the processing work due to the 3D geometry of the bridges and atypical structures involved. We made all-out efforts to deal with the problems by coordinating in the processing plant with the help of experts from the civil engineering field.

The efficiency of processing atypical structures is extremely low. They require much time, equipment and labor for fabricating members, which often disrupts the construction procedure. As the project had no alternatives to these problems at first, it was considered as one of the best examples where DaehanSteel and the client collaborated to solve problems.

Generally, it’s with high priority to anticipate possible problems in construction sites. However, when difficulties arise, we work on creating values from the perspective of our clients and immediately respond to the problem. That is also one of the fundamentals of FrameWorks. FrameWorks solution strives to suggest suitable alternatives as well as to provide differentiated field management staff and services.
Busan Ring Road Zone 11 Busan Ring Road Zone 11
Busan Ring Road Zone 11 Busan Ring Road Zone 11